10 evening, Mr Mubarak also do continue to rule in the spring and autumn period and the dream, that wont quit as President, also wont leave Egypt, but will die in the land of Egypt. Just one night, after the Egyptian vice President omar suleiman, announced that it decided to resign as President hosni mubarak, and handed over power to the supreme council of the armed forces. Mubarak resigned on the same day, Egypts supreme council of the armed forces, according to a statement supporting mubarak about peace regime transition plan, and ensure hosni mubarak in a televised address referred to in the implementation of its commitments.

Visible at the time of the military is still hosni mubarak as its patron saint, want to rely on the military to achieve dignified, and keep its vested political and economic interests. But according to recent progress in Egypt, the military has completely abandoned the hosni mubarak and his family, cheap louis vuitton belts http://www.cafeasiadc.com/ its fate will put to the history and the people of Egypt, and to accept the law of justice. This again proves the dictators historical periodic law:

no a dictatorship dynasty can forever, [url=http://www.cafeasiadc.com/]replica louis vuitton belts[/url] not a dictator can enjoy eternal honor, when a dictatorship subject to the will of the people and the general trend of history, to hold on to power as the goal, while maintaining regime in order to protect the private interests or the interests of the small group as the goal, the rule of history will show by public opinion, and to the peoples collective protest, dictator will also fall into the dust in the cacophony.

And the laws of history, often induced by trivial events in behind it is a hard-and-fast trend. Why the more dash forward show in the war clouds Ding Dong Article according to the Associated Press, Vietnam "Dat VietDaily" published a notice, 10, says Vietnam on 13 June will be held in coast waters in the last six hours of live-fire drills, and warned that a variety of ships from the area. Ap article comments, said the move was a response to Louis Vuitton Belt, Vietnam because the day before the exercise statement from Vietnam Louis Vuitton Belt accused Vietnam illegally into Louis Vuitton Belts territorial waters, endanger life of Cheap louis Vuitton Belts fishermen, replica louis vuitton belts http://www.cafeasiadc.com/ and called on Vietnam to stop this kind of behavior.

This is more on the south Louis Vuitton Belt sea issue in the recent dispute since the latest grim situation, the move shows that Vietnam has intentionally aggravate the level of the south Louis Vuitton Belt sea conflict, and attempts to touched the. It is well known that has lasted for a long time between the in peace, in the end of the war, the two sides, with the help of the leadership in the early 1990 s, the two countries resumed high-level visits, and gradually to the relationship between the rise to the level of comprehensive strategic partnership between the two sides in the economic field for a wide range of cooperation, and the more rewarding. In the past twenty years, though sometimes known friction, but the border between the two countries in peace and stability on the whole maintained a. In fact, [url=http://www.cafeasiadc.com/]cheap louis vuitton belts[/url] Vietnam on the south Louis Vuitton Belt sea has long been a claim, but in recent 20 years, hidden in the contradictions in the area under the good political relations.