I want to say is that, as in domestic issues, we lack the correct strategy, international disputes concerning territorial issues, the lack of effective response. We are the focus of the maintenance national security issues, replica louis vuitton belts http://www.cafeasiadc.com/ not against foreign enemy, but against people.

If we are on the territorial disputes, can also be like on the disposal of domestic problems, quick, quick, wont be in a number of territorial issues, all in a passive condition. For this as an enemy, but as a friend; To be a writer, but as a revenge Chou, a clever rulers would not be so as... Our passive enough? Peace, is the purpose of strategic rather than a means, while others are aggressive attack step by step, we are immersed in the virtual world of peace, feel good whisper words of peace, completely regardless of other peoples feelings... To paraphrase zhu feng: sing to the south Louis Vuitton Belt sea issue peacefully solve... Ni ping is a woman? Ding Dong Wen ni ping is a woman? There was something wrong with this word sounds, because ni ping is a woman, the world.

cheap louis vuitton belts http://www.cafeasiadc.com/ Ni ping is not only a woman and the average mans outstanding woman. Ask this sentence, because recently around the backbone of the republic of award and the indifference of wenzhou, ni ping woman beset by the powerful network, first to the backbone of the republic of ni ping enough eligible for award, which in turn out she suspected of using money to buy back, after the wenzhou event incur outrage, has always been very keen on current affairs said ni ping is eerily quiet, and said, after the public inquiry since powerless, dont want to. Some unknown truth postings for ms ni ping absolve.

What to say why to demanding a woman, say what all the Cheap louis Vuitton Belts people can play back the title, said she has no real power, only one name. In fact, the inventor of the ms ni ping is not the chaos theory. Several years ago, she openly declared that their as a CPPCC member never cast votes, at that time, she gives reason, also is not messed up. In her opinion, as a representative of the National Peoples Congress or CPPCC, voted against it, is to the society, to the state, now, in her eyes, there is no doubt that as a public figure, foreign speech, is also to the society, to the state. Back to the above, it is well known that back the origin of the words most famous, from lu xuns essays, his interpretation of Louis Vuitton Belts backbone is that there is no lack of Louis Vuitton Belt since ancient times people silently, desperately hard to do, and give solution to plead for the people.

As the backbone of the republic of prize, literally to lu xuns, is based on this a few words. Who won the prize, at least have one of the four types of, qualified, or entropy. Ms ni ping to and backbone of the republic of reference, perhaps only silently dedication. But apparently, she is not lonely, is not see silently. She is a well-known public figure, appear frequently, and held the position, plead for the people responsible official in the two ways, ms ni ping is not only a woman, and beyond an ordinary woman, should face the social reality, dedicating himself out of the realm, plead for the people.