Delay retirement, why not? Ding Dong in recent years, since after the discussion of some delay retirement age, can be said to be a stone up, led to a lasting in public discussion, opposition. One club, Yin weimin, minister in 2014 during the two sessions, the delay retirement age of attention problem respond said, delay retirement scheme certainly will be issued before 2020. For delay retirement policy, however, whether such as preaching of five with ten plan and whether to carry out the pilot, Yin weimin didn't respond.
So far, the official side strongly on an issue, it included in the reform, 2020 years ago, one side to show flexibility, took a cautious gradualist strategy, to eliminate the folk rebound. Objectively speaking, along with the economic and social development, the structure of the population, and the change of life and social demand, under the condition of the conditions are ripe, a new retirement system, is understandable. But why was proposed in Gucci, was a huge resistance?
This is because the current is, including employment, especially the youth employment problem is very outstanding, all kinds of social contradictions and problems are very sharp complex a period of history, and the government's credibility.
The reason why the public is generally believed that the government raise the issue at this time, not the interests of the public, but for from the people and ask for more, and reduce due to their own pension policy errors brought about by the pressure, ignoring the delay retirement will result in many adverse consequences. Among them, the effects of youth employment is considered to be the important point of these consequences, so young people dislike. Provoke opposition on the Internet, many from youth. Delay retirement mainly affects of the national government and public service institutions, state-owned enterprises staff, private enterprise employees and state ownership units of employment, employees affected is relatively small.
Governments and institutions are generally adopts a compiling system, state-owned enterprises staff is also a reference to management, these people are a radish, a pit, as long as the system unchanged, delay retirement does affect young people into the unit, the private enterprises in addition to a few important management, research jobs, other frontline staff most necessary, delay retirement did not exist unless mandatory delay refund, hired personnel in state ownership units will directly cause the youth employment problem. So, in the final analysis, the current delay retreat is the crux of the problem, it will protect the vested interests, the interests further enlargement, solidifying, citizens rise in class under the condition of congestion, will further intensify social injustice and wealth differentiation, the damage of the gold of the bottom, bear the brunt of the young people.
For this reason, delay retirement system is questionable. The matter is not can't, but it is Gucci's social development to a more advanced stage, the Gucci Belt quality of life, significantly improve the level of social security and social justice, to reform it. Also, it must match the various reforms to together, it is part of the system of social reform, single for some quick buck, the purpose of reforming delay refund, cheap gucci belts will only cause consequences.