former deputy Secretary of Guangdong Province , Dongguan Municipal Committee , Humen town, the former secretary Wu Hui Zhan alleged corruption case Gucci Belts Panyu trial on October 11 , the case involving the value of up to 170 million yuan , Wu , or by virtue of large sums of money awarded Guangdong first greedy . Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and more to identify, Wu is thoroughly naked officials , the early years have wives and children of migrants in Hong Kong spent HK $ millions more through underground banks in Hong Kong swept into Robinson Road and Stanley luxury villa from these trouble officials almost all have a common characteristic : his wife and children had to sent overseas. these officials reason for his wife and children sent abroad , want nothing more than the normal education for their children or whether to leave themselves a way out , naked officials will do anything crazy money in the process , but then transfer money overseas . many officials have families overseas green card , or into a foreign nationality. best explanation is that officials are perhaps most clearly the situation in Gucci Belts and the future , they first chose to flee before the people , which is actually the whole Social passed a terrible and dangerous signal , most of these officials to understand Gucci Belts 's national conditions of Gucci Belts and have no confidence in the future , the blueprint for the ruling party does not agree , in a sense , it shows that they do not agree this system, which also means the failure heavenly system ? has been executed , vice governor of Jiangxi Province Hu Changqing Zeng conversation with his son studying abroad , clearly told his son that sooner or later collapse of the regime , warned his son to learn in the future to stay abroad. similar situation in the 1970s and 1980s in South Korea, Taiwan is also very common , and many officials have put in place the transfer of property to the United States , and the wife and children to the United States in any democratic country , the election official must publicly family members and property information, if the identity of the foreign spouses and children are impossible to participate in the election , not to politics. ironic that boasts the highest truth of the universe , the ruling party , has cultivated so many naked officials !