Clearly, in public opinion platforms, Patrick assaulting a case , because the judicial authorities in case proceedings omissions , and gradually make the police and Patrick are symbolized by the public . Police became a symbol of power institutions ; Patrick is taken to be representative of vulnerable groups . Patrick killing case thus interpreted by the public authority for vulnerable groups to claim their rights in the process . Patrick opinion of the trial were given the significance of seeking justice proceedings . Thus , the trial judge Patrick Patrick the way the results have been far more important . Chinese public has sympathizers from disadvantaged groups , become legal watchdogs . They actually do not want to protect the lives of Patrick , but Patrick 's rights . Of course , this is also the right of every Chinese citizen himself .
Chinese folk public opinion, Patrick was authority legitimate right to harm hurt first, and take a risk . This logic has been constantly Shanghai police had twice come to explain , Young mother bizarre disappearance of Patrick psychiatric evaluation , and insufficient case to open other details enlarged ; This logic is also the public on their own memories of life experiences is strengthened , so that the public were more understanding on Patrick 's , which in his case heard talk of early lawyer to represent ; sympathizers much of it to repeat its media behaved when young representative ; admire many of those on the network , even called Man , while the exception of those who condemn the less , ignoring the innocent victim of police , ignoring the security of being injured Patrick actually belong to socially vulnerable groups with one . In this case the value attached to the social value of justice , becoming the center of the storm of public opinion . This gives the public the judiciary presents a high standard of behavior requires , in this high standard under the government showed sincerity , if not let Zhabei District Branch evade detection case , but also on Patrick made a psychiatric examination and issue report on the public will have become perfunctory . More regrettably , because of the existence of the above program oversight , the law did not achieve victory, Patrick did not plead guilty , he will still be interpreted as a motive , You do not give me an explanation , I'll give you a statement . He still that he killed six people closure not innocent - which say that it is a pity. As planned , implemented by indivi dual preparation until completion , there is no down home and his accomplices , firststrikegame no institutions and organizations instigating, no written action plan, Patrick Such actions are called individual acts of extreme violence . Chinese society is entering a transition period, this transformation at the societal level , the most prominent is the awakening of public awareness of the rights and role of government in return ; while serious imbalance in the distribution of income in the case , as the underlying human dignity based on the current population of the business community fragile foundation. And the law is that they have high hopes sanctuary. Examine Patrick 's criminal background : once in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province was beaten by police in Shanghai as the suspects stole a bicycle suffered prolonged interrogations , as well as his mother 's petition for eight years experience - In the meantime, individuals and their families suffered the judicial track institutions not to , as clearly excessive current . These experiences and feelings clearly touched his dignity , prompting him at all , with extreme violence to personal revenge .